Featured Innovation | autem expandable lumbar cage


Available with a starting height of 7mm to help with implantation in a very collapsed space.


 Channels throughout design to allow for bone ongrowth, ingrowth, and through growth.


Controlled expansion without loss of initial insertion length or the loss of open channels allowing for bone through growth.

*Final design pending along with FDA approval

Idem cervical plate


Contoured, Low Profile Construct

  • Secure & Simplified Locking Mechanism
  • One driver for both blockers and screws
  • Allows for Visual, Tactile, and Radiographic confirmation
  • 28° Cephalad/Caudad angulation forinstruments end screws, 20° Cephalad/Caudad angulation for all other screws
  • Pre-lordosed, small-stature cervical plates available in lengths 18mm to 89mm for 1 to 4 level fusions
  • Dual Thread, Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping screws available in 4.0mm and 4.35mm diameters in lengths from 12mm to 16mm

Surgical procedure can be performed with as few as 3 system specific instruments


Magna CTi



  Titanium with MicroLOC™ Surface  Technology or PEEK Implant Offering

  • 14mm wide X  12.5mm deep
  • 17mm wide X  13.5mm deep
  • 5mm to 11mm heights 
  • 0°, 5°, and 10° lordotic available
  • Contoured, Low Profile Construct
  • Large graft windows
  • Easy-to-attach Inserter/Impactor 
  • Full range of trials and rasps for proper sizing of implant height

Magna CP


Magna LTi


 Titanium with MicroLOC™ Surface  Technology or PEEK Implant Offering 

  • 6 footprints available
  • Parallel and lordotic options 
  • Available heights: 6mm to 16mm 
  • Available curved lengths: 22mm, 28mm, and 32mm
  • Available straight lengths: 22mm, 26mm, and 30mm
  • Tapered, self-distracting bullet nose for easier placement
  • Dual convexity anatomical endplate interface to improve implant fit and stability
  • Secure inserter attachment to provide superior implant control during  open or MIS placement

Magna LP




Low Profile Construct & Insertion Devices

  • Allows up to 60° of angulation
  • Rounded tulip underside for optimal bone graft placement
  • Stable screw-inserter coupling for ideal control during insertion
  •  Screw diameters range from 4.5mm to 8.5mm and are available in lengths from 25mm to 100mm in 5mm increments 
  •  Pre-lordosed rods available from 30mm to 120mm in 5mm increments. Long, straight rods up to 435mm



Extensive Set Options

  • Pedicle screws are available in solid, cannulated, MIS, reduction, closed and mono head configurations
  • Telescoping, straight, and variable cross connectors are available in 4 sizes, spanning lengths from 30mm to 76mm


latus lateral ibf system

 Titanium or PEEK Implants with uncompromised graft volume

  • Anterior-Posterior Widths: 22, 26mm
  • Medial-Lateral Lengths: 40, 45, 50, 55, 60mm
  • Up to 10° anatomical lordosis
  • Available heights: 8mm to 16mm, in 2mm increments
  • Tapered, self-distracting leading edge for easier placement
  • Bi-convex shape matches endplates to maximize contact
  • Radiographic markers to aid in proper implant positioning
  • Angled teeth to resist implant migration

Advanced Access Retractor provides direct visualization exposure

  • Lengths: 90, 110, 130, 150mm
  • Optional 3-4 Blades
  • Optional Disc Shims to anchor blades to targeted level disc
  • Optional attachment to a Table Mount Arm


Ductus ibf system


  • Extraforaminal approach through Kambin's Triangle
  • Guided implanted insertion over a k-wire
  • Bulleted, self distracting tip
  • Comprehensive instrument system

Retractor systems

Multa MIS


  • Designed to utilize Pedicle Screws for primary retraction, providing maximum access with minimum access exposure
  • Optional Pedicle Screw distraction to support TLIF decompression and IBF
  • Main frame adjusts to patient depth
  • Secondary Medial Retraction provides additional tissue retraction
  • 15mm & 23mm wide Medial Blades, available in lengths of 55, 65, 75, 85, and 95mm
  • Fully adjustable translation and distal toe capability